Stone for Saturn

Blue Sapphire

Such a stone will bring the wearer wealth, fame, a good name, health, happiness, prosperity, a long life, mental peace, and good children. Wearing a blue sapphire protects against danger, travel problems, terror, thieves, accidents and problems from storms, fire, or natural disasters.

It can cause financial fortunes to change for the better, help with a person’s career, and make the wearer rich. It can free one of mental anxiety.

Stone for Mars

Red Coral

Red Coral gemstone is used to boost the energy of Mars in the horoscope.

Red coral can help the wearer overcome his enemies and adversaries. As Mars is the god of warfare, this gemstone provides the necessary courage and enthusiasm required by an individual to surmount all the obstacles. This gemstone ensures the victory of the individual.

This gemstone helps in overcoming the lethargic attitude of an individual. It energises the individual and offers him logical conclusion. It also helps in overcoming the delay in your endeavours.

Stone for Mercury


Emeralds are associated with the planet Mercury, which corresponds to intellect, speech, memory, short travel, wisdom, and intuitive power. A person who has favorable Mercury in their astrological chart will find emeralds beneficial, especially if they are politicians or orators or if they work in business or public relations.
Emeralds are symbolic of love and generosity. A gift of an emerald will bring good fortune, particularly for Geminis and Virgos. Emeralds support good health, wealth, and happiness, and reduce the possibility of snake bites.
A pregnant woman who wears an emerald will not endure prolonged labor.
Emeralds are also said to reduce mental stress and regulate blood circulation.



Stone for Jupiter

Yellow Sapphire

Benefits of Wearing a Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow Sapphires stone can do wonders for your life if it is worn properly. It brings prosperity to those who wear it, thus making it one of the most popular and beneficial gemstones among the Navaratnas.

It helps to improve the financial status of the wearer as well as shower him or her with a lot of wealth, good health, fame, name, honour and success.

Stone for Sun


Benefis Of RUBY

Wearing a gemstone of Ruby can help support the person to improve his “self-image” and he will be more heard and respected in the society. It can also help in overcoming timidity and foolishness, by giving clarity of thoughts and mind.

When a person wears a ruby, he/she is expected to get the favors from the administration, authority and government.

If a person is suffering from chronic depression, he/she may also be suggested to wear this stone as it will help them overcome any type of emotional and mental setbacks in life.

Stone for Rahu


Benefits of Garnet

Because it’s such an energizing stonegarnet is often used for manifestation purposes and worn as a talisman for good luck. In addition to bringing vitality, high energy, and protection, garnet also helps build self-confidence and clarify one’s life purpose.

Garnet is an excellent gemstone to regulate blood circulation in body. …

It has the property to reduce the chances of hemorrhages and inflammation while it stimulates the hemoglobin count.

Being related to root chakra, Garnet detoxifies the blood and keeps the heart healthy.

Stone for Ketu

Cats Eye Stone

Benefits of wearing cat’s eye gemstone:

Wearing cats eye stone unblocks the innumerable channel of earning quick money.

Consequently, a person can wear this stone to ensure and reinforce the luck of a person to earn instant wealth.

Those individuals who adore taking chances in life; especially, individuals in the field of trading share market and gambling should wear this stone to enhance their chances of winning.

Wearing cats eye stone has amazing health benefits. This gemstone combats against several serious diseases related to the heart, stomach, brain, and mind. This gemstone redeems individual from worldly desires and enlightens the path of spirituality for him/her. Wearing cat’s eye stone will mitigate the brain diseases and assist a person to overcome depression and gloom.

The Ketu is acknowledged as being one of the worst and longest remaining Dasha that last around 18 years will be soothed by wearing cats eye stone.The cat eye gemstone is nominated as an auspicious gem that can be worn to ward-off against cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Stone for Moon

Pearl/moon stone

Benefits of pearl

It enhances the power of moon, which signifies softness, charming eyes, love, family life, steady mind and many other good things. A person suffering with tensed mind, indecisiveness, depression and instability in life is advised to wear pearl stone. Pearl stone is recommended for those who get angry easily and lose their temper.

It removes the ill effects of moon and strengthens the mind. It helps in reducing discomforts during sleep. Problems such as throat trouble, eye trouble, dysentery are caused by afflicted moon. These problems can be reduced by wearing pearl stone.

It increases facial luster and beauty in ladies. Pearl can be worn in combination with other stones for many other health related diseases.

It is believed that the person who wears pearl gets a lot of fame, respect, wealth and kingly comforts. It helps in neutralizing the negative planetary influences on human being.

It helps in increasing memory and brain power. It is also said that pearl brings good fortune. It helps in developing harmony between husband and wife

Gem Stones

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